Guest Speaker Series: The History & Etiquette of the British Afternoon Tea with Stephanie Wilson


Sunday, April 24th from 12:30 - 2:30pm
At The Jasmine Pearl Tea Shop - 724 NE 24th Ave, Portland, OR
$25 / person. 18 student capacity.
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Join us and our longtime tea friend and fellow tea enthusiast, Stephanie Wilson will present a class on The History & Etiquette of  the British Afternoon Tea. We will trace tea’s history from its debut in Britain through modern times. We’ll discuss the etiquette of afternoon tea and you’ll get a chance to practice as you enjoy tea and scones. Milk in first or last? Where do you place that spoon? Meet some of tea’s most influential historical characters along with like-minded local tea drinkers in this fun and engaging class. 

Instructor Stephanie Lemmons Wilson has been a student of tea for 20 years. She has been trained by the Protocol School of Washington as a Tea Etiquette Consultant. She has nurtured a deep interest in Chinese/Taiwanese teas for several years and began studying the Japanese Tea ceremony in 2012. Stephanie has been fortunate to travel tea-growing and tea-drinking nations (England, China, Tibet, India, Taiwan, Rwanda) and considers one of her biggest blessing that of living in the Pacific Northwest where she hangs out with fellow tea-lovers.