Fun Facts About Rooibos

  • Rooibos is exclusively grown near the Cedarburg mountains of South Africa.

  • The name Rooibos (which translated means “red bush”) is now a Geographically Indicator. This indicates its’ terroir and means that if any red bush is grown outside of South Africa, it will need to be called something else.

  • After planting seedlings, It takes 2 years for a rooibos bush to be ready for harvest. Rooibos plants can only be harvested around 3 times and then they die.

  • Rooibos is still mostly harvested by hand, with a sickle.
  • Harvest season is January through April (this is Summer/Fall season in South Africa)
  • Processing is surprisingly similar to tea. Rooibos is harvested, cut, bruised, fermented (aka oxidized) and then air dried.

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