Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration


Sunday, November 6th  |   12:30pm – 1:30pm
At The Jasmine Pearl Tea Shop  |  724 NE 22nd Ave Portland, OR 97232
Seating is limited. Get tickets here.

Harmony, purity, respect, and tranquility; these are the four principles of Chado, also known as the Japanese Tea Ceremony. In Chado, matcha green tea is prepared in a unique way that incorporates centuries of Japanese history, literature, and culture. On Sunday, September 4th, Margie Yap, founder of the Issoan Tea School will perform a live demonstration of this elegant and meditative tea practice. Attendees will be able to observe the tea ceremony and have their questions answered about this very special tradition. Samples of Japanese sweets and tea will be served.

*Attendees receive 15% off in-store purchases on the day of the event.