The Jasmine Pearl Celebrates 12 Years Of Business With A Sale!

Join us in the celebration!
For the month of November we are offering:

10% off teaware (excluding artist teaware)
20% off 4 oz packages of tea

In-store & Online

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A message from JP co-owner Heather Agosta:

2016 has been a really amazing year. Chuck and I have gotten to step back, get some perspective, and allow the company’s momentum to propel The Jasmine Pearl forward toward a really promising future. Our staff grew to 20 people. Our retail and wholesale customer base continues to grow at a surprising pace. We developed even stronger relationships with tea producers and we imported more tea than ever before. We partnered up with two of our employees to launch a second business manufacturing tea sodas: Pearl Soda Company.

Today we look back at the last twelve years. It has been an incredibly exciting journey. We are blessed with the greatest and most loyal customers, the best and most talented staff, and the amazing, unwavering support of our friends and family. We look to our future and the possibilities ahead. We watch our first company growing up…maturing, and we nurture our new baby company. We still discuss the possibility of other tea shop in other cities. We dream of more tea travel.

Regardless of where the next ten years takes us, it is apparent that The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company is more than just Chuck and I. It is a community of people, from passionate tea farmers, to our enthusiastic staff, from grocery store buyers and café owners, to bloggers and customers that walk through our front door. We all have an important role in shepherding tea on the long journey from the fields to the cup. It is with the utmost sincerity that I can say Chuck and I are grateful that we have been given the opportunity to play a part in this process and we hope to continue doing so far into the future.
- Heather Agosta