Brewing Hot Tea

Ingredients & Tools

Makes 1 cup hot tea

  • Loose Leaf Tea - Your flavor choice.Approx. 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp for every 8 oz of hot water. (See package for suggested portions)
  • Tea infuser - basket or paper are best.
  • Tea pot or cup.
  • Water - bottled or filtered are recommended.


  1. Heat water to suggested temperature for the type of tea you are brewing (See chart to the right).
  2. Scoop dry tea leaf into infuser.
  3. Place infuser in mug or pot.
  4. Pour hot water into infuser over dry leaves & steep for desired time to achieve desired brew. More time = stronger brew.
  5. Remove tea infuser from your mug or pot.
  6. Relax & enjoy!

Things to Remember

  • Do not over-steep.
  • Remove the tea infuser when tea is finished brewing.
  • Don't use too much leaf in proportion to hot water during brewing.
  • Teas can often be steeped multiple times, especially Oolongs and Puerhs.

Brewing Guidelines

Tea Temp (F°) Time
Black 190° - 200° 3 - 5 min
Green 180° - 190° 3 - 4 min
Oolong 190° - 200° 2 - 4 min
Pu-erh 190° - 212° 3 - 5 min
White 180° 4 - 6 min
Herbal 212° 3 - 5 min
  • Tea brewing is a function of leaf, temp, and time.
  • It takes only 2 grams worth of tea (about the weight of a dime) to make an 8 oz cup. Generally, a mounded teaspoon is plenty, keeping in mind that the bulkier the tea, the bulkier the scoopful needed.
  • Teas - especially oolongs - can be steeped multiple times.
  • The higher the grade of tea, the more steepings you can expect.

How To Use A Bee House Japanese Teapot

Demonstration of a Beehouse teapot and its included infuser. These modern Japanese tea pots are sleek and functional. The high quality construction, wide variety of available colors, durable stainless steel lid, and ease of cleaning make these teapots popular.

How To Use A Professional Tea Cupping Set

A cupping set is composed of 3 pieces: A small bowl; a mug that has small teeth on the top edge opposite the handle; and a knobbed lid with holes that fits the mug.

How To Use A Paper Infuser

Paper infusers are a great option for drinking tea on-the-go and a popular choice for coffee shops, allowing loose leaf teas to expand to release all of their flavor and allowing for a quick clean up. Paper infusers are also compostable.

How To Use An Aroma Cup Set

Aroma Cups are akin to brandy snifters, only smaller. They are comprised of a sipping cup and a sniffing cup, so one can enjoy the taste of the tea and the ever-changing aroma separately. They make deep appreciation of tea easy for even the casual tea drinker.