Chinese Tea Ceremony

The demonstration in this video is abbreviated form of the Chinese Tea Ceremony, otherwise known as “Gong Fu Cha” or the “Art of Tea”. Gong Fu Cha is often centered around oolong teas, because of their tightly-rolled shapes that lend to multiple steepings. This style of tea brewing is more social and informal than the Japanese or Korean tea ceremonies.

Korean Tea Ceremony

The Korean Tea Ceremony is similar to the Chinese Tea Ceremony in the mechanics of brewing the tea. However, the refinement and of the Korean aesthetic, teaware and choreographed movements more resemble the formal elegance of a Japanese tea service.

Moroccan Tea Preparation

This fun video that we found online shows how typical Moroccan tea is served. It is a less formal and more social way of sharing tea compared to many Asian tea services. My Moroccan grandmother used to tell me that they would add an herb to their tea called “Sheba”. Though it is not mentioned in this video I have been told from other Moroccans that Sheba is from the wormwood family and has a psychotropic effect. Therefore Sheba is rarely seen outside of Morocco.

Gongfu Cha (tea skills). The proper way to serve tea, demonstrated with oolong tea.

The Art of Korean Tea Ceremony. This video demonstrates the fundamental steps involved with steeping Korean green tea for a traditional tea ceremony. 

This deeply held art form is practiced daily all over Morocco as a form of culture.